Celebrating Families

    With Father’s Day just around the corner, at Islington Village we love to honour our daddies in many ways! The children, in each classroom, create gifts of colours and craft. And the staff, prepare a welcoming table of coffee and morning snacks for all the daddies. We even mark a day on our calendars to “dress up like dad”.

  Not only do we celebrate daddies, we celebrate mommies and we celebrate families, which really connects to our slogan at Islington Village: “a community to learn and play”. We are a community which embraces all types of family dynamics and structures, and we strive to celebrate that uniqueness. Everyone should feel welcome in the  early childhood community.
Programs should also respond to families’ unique needs, making people feel welcome; that is our goal at Islington Village.

  This sense of welcoming and celebration at Islington Village  allows children to feel trust. Our caregivers have a strong bond with the children they care for. And as families and caregivers, we want to make everything right and wonderful for our children. And it is by giving them a strong sense of self-love, self-concept, and self-esteem that we prepare them to learn what life is all about.

Family, community and belonging at the centre of it all,  is what will guide children to building self esteem and positive self concept.