Graduating Class of 2016

   Islington Village Child Care Centre first opened its door in February 2013, enrolling little ones into our infant program. Now, those little ones aren't so little anymore, as we recently celebrated their graduation from Islington Village, on June 22, 2016.
  The majority of the graduates had attended Islington Village, from the very beginning, so this celebration was definitely a special one for everyone involved.
  Throughout their time here, the children seemed to take a great interest in drawing and colouring. Everyday there were handfuls of papers being sent home, creations from Minions, subways, to jungle animals. Therefore, it seemed fitting to organize the graduation ceremony in with a colouring theme. 
  The group, the largest we’ve had yet, prepared songs, poems, and a book reading, to present to parents and families. First, the group walked out to the Graduation March, with their caps, excitedly waving to moms and dads sitting in the audience. The graduates showed a great focus when beginning the celebration with the Good Afternoon song. The practice and hard work had paid off!  Next they sang, The Last Day, I’m a Little Graduate, and even gave the audience a taste of letters and sounds they had learned through Jolly Phonics. 
   For Islington Village, it's important to celebrate milestones and achievements, especially when this was a celebration for all. 

Congratualtions to the Graduating Class of 2016!