Cork Board Gallery

   Displaying artwork and creatives is one of the best ways to showcase the learning and development of children, of our age groups. At Islington Village, caregivers use multiple methods of displaying daily creatives from strings and clothes pins in the windows, to recently installed cork board galleries.
   When choosing a medium to showcase children's work, it is key to note that the work should be accessible and visible to children, as well as the parents who are curious to see what their children are up to all day. In our experience, children are always curious and excited to revisit their work. 
   The cork boards allow for ample display of our children’s creative work, and are versatile; caregivers are able to rotate the work regularly, making sure to one day display Johnny’s painting and the next day showing off Jenny’s crayon sketch.
  At Islington Village, caregivers strive to encourage creativity and imagination by putting the emphasize on the process of creative work, rather than a product at the end. This is also encouraged by providing a classroom environment that allows children to explore and play, openly, and based on their interests. Through toddlerhood on, the classrooms are situated to have an open creative shelf, where the children can mix materials, and explore freely.
   At Islington Village we encourage exploration and creativity, of all means, and through these cork board galleries, we show appreciation and respect.